21 Dogs Who Fucked Up, But In The Most Adorable Way

    You can't even be mad at them because they're so freakin' cute!

    1. This Corgi who passed obedience class, only to then chew up his diploma:

    This is Henry. He just graduated. Immediately forgot the canine life skill of not eating your diploma. Oh well. Still 13/10 would pet well https://t.co/UVxGZKzK9c

    2. This wannabe Hulk who rolled around in freshly cut grass:

    This golden retriever rolled around in the grass

    3. This dog who regrets literally every decision that brought him here:

    Look what this idiot got himself into this morning.

    4. This pup who got stuck in the hole he was digging:

    This is Coop. He dug a hole, then got stuck in it. Happens to the best of us. 13/10 someone help him

    5. This agile doggo who answered the call of nature at the worst possible time:

    6. This yellow lab who got stuck in a way only a dog could:

    @GoldenKnights My dog got stuck in a fence

    7. This pupper who just wanted to look out the window:

    Dog fail. He actually looks embarrassed 😂🐶🐕 #Funny #Dog #YellowLabrador #BadDay #Redhanded

    8. This dog who cannonballed...right onto another dog:

    9. This Shiba who is so stuck, yet so unbothered:

    Having a bad day? Have a look at this dog who couldn't care less that he's stuck in a hedge...

    10. This brave pup that literally barked — and climbed — up the wrong tree:

    One minute you're happily chasing squirrels, the next you're stuck up a tree. 🙈 #oops #funny #dog #barkinguptherighttree https://t.co/dbueMCf4cK

    11. This floof who needed to be rescued by the local firefighters:

    My dog got himself super stuck between the fence and firefighters had to save him lmao 😭

    12. This tiny puppy who overestimated her jump by a long shot:

    13. This puppy who confused her water bowl for a kiddie pool:

    14. And this dog who's not quite as smart as their doggy sibling:

    15. This husky who forgot to look down:

    16. This guilty dog who got their head stuck in a kitty litter door:

    Instead of Cone of Shame, we Have Door of Shame https://t.co/G15oQQ1Wqe

    17. And this blue-eyed beauty who got his head stuck while dumpster diving:

    This is Trigger. He does not know what happened to the trash can. Offended that you would even ask him. 12/10 no further questions https://t.co/KZeg3KP877

    18. This poor girl who managed to get stuck in a sleeve:

    I woke up in the middle of the night to my dog crying, I look on the floor and see her little snout poking out the sleeve of my jacket, she wiggled her way in, got stuck in the sleeve and rolled off the couch :((( https://t.co/iEbazm9ae2

    19. This poor pup who almost made it up onto the couch:

    20. This sleepy boy whose snoring was so loud that it woke him up:

    His own snoring woke him up and I cannot stop laughing

    21. Finally, this dog who seriously failed at herding sheep:

    When you lied on your CV about having previous sheepdog experience.