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    15 Inspirational Before And After Hair Transformations That Will Have You Running To The Hairdresses

    Hairdressers: real life fairy godmothers.

    1. Nothing like a good haircut.

    2. Other times, the miracle comes from a little color change.

    3. Why not get a haircut and dye at the same time?

    4. If this is not an amazing before and after picture, I don't know what is.

    5. My oh my!

    6. Chop it off? Yes, please!

    7. Magic.

    8. Curls are lovely!

    9. Did someone say... pink?

    10. The truth is that you can look amazing with any length hair.

    11. TBH this rivals Cinderella for most impressive transformation.

    12. Hair grows so that we can cut it again.

    13. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    14. Here's some inspiration to take with you to the salon:

    15. Hairdressers: real life fairy godmothers.

    This post was translated from Portuguese.