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26 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh And Then Think

For when the world is a sad and depressing place, but also quite funny.

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Telling a woman to get back in the kitchen is a weird insult to lob on Twitter. We can still tweet from kitchens. We have wifi & data plans.


Just found this new app that tells you which of your family members are racist. It's called Facebook.


i really thought she was pepe😡😡this is y i have trust issues!!this is y u take a girl swimming on the first date💯💯


What idiot called it "salad" and not "la sad"


@voldemortsbicep i'm so sorry but this was truly perfect


"Everyone's too emotional and easily offended these days!" he said while angrily ranting about women overtaking Star Wars movies


it's so insulting when dudes try to quiz me about sports soooo i had a little pun fun ⚾️❤️


o yeah u love women??? name their last three albums. thought so. u don't listen to women


body hair on women is so taboo that even in fucking razor commercials they shave an already bald ass leg like lmao


Men who hate women on Twitter are weird. I hate mushrooms but I don't hunt down, correct, criticise, humiliate, harass then jack off to them


"This generation can't take a joke" Our entire generation laughs at fucking internet memes all day long we just don't like racist jokes


Unless you've studied Nazism at a Nazi university and you've read Mein Kampf (in German), your criticism of Nazism isn't valid -Nobody ever


Women's deodorant scents: rose, cotton, spring, meadow Men's: WINTER ICE, SHARKNADO, GLACIER PUNCH, ANTIFREEZE, GUN


7yr old "Do women get their periods on weekends too?" Me "Yes" 7yr old mutters to herself "Jesus Christ"


We save women and children first because the dads have to make sure all the lights are off and the thermostat is set appropriately.


guys: women are a mystery. women: Here is what we- guys: LITERALLY WHAT DO THEY WANT? women: well for start- guys: Guess we'll never know!


Women’s magazines: Page 5: accept yourself for who you are Page 8: how to lose 10lbs in 1 week Page 12: best cake recipe


Part of being a woman means you can break your leg or be having a cardiac arrest & a nurse will still ask when your last period was.



Ladies, never show panty lines!!!!!! It breaks the illusion that your pants are actually your skin!!!!!


sometimes i forget that men have the right of way on the sidewalk and i feel so silly !!


A cat-caller just said he wants to get "all up in my business" which is great because my taxes are complicated and I could use the help.


The moral of Beauty and the Beast is that looks don't matter, as long as you're a man.


[first date] I just love that you are a normal, cool girl. *subtly slides macaroni art of your face back under my chair* -Yeah, totally.


how do lawyers argue without crying