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21 Borderline Orgasmic Experiences For Anyone Who Loves Cleaning

There is nothing better than tackling something really dirty and making it shiny again.

1. When you bleach the shower and all the mould and scum actually comes off.

2. When you discover a cheap alternative to an expensive product and get just as good results.

3. Or when you have the perfect product for the job.

4. When you clean a dusty surface perfectly with just one wipe.

5. When you descale your taps and get to watch them work twice as well afterwards.

6. When you have a perfectly full closet and a perfectly empty laundry basket.

7. And when all of your washing is drying and your whole house smells like laundry.

8. When you clean glass so well that you can't even see it's there.

9. And when you clean your mirror so well that it's just like your identical twin is standing in front of you.

10. When you descale your kettle and it's like you just bought a new kettle.

Why am I so excited to be descaling a kettle? 🙏

11. When you find a lazy cleaning hack that works just as well as elbow grease.

12. When you clean something that you didn't even realise needed cleaning and now you have a deep sense of clean.

13. When you polish your hob so well that you can see your face in it.

14. When you clean something super dirty and watch it completely transform.

15. When you buy new cleaning products that you think will make your home cleaner than it ever was before.

16. When you hoover your carpet and it looks all bright and fluffy again.

17. When you pull out all the hair from your drain and the water flows smoothly again.

18. When you wipe all the surfaces in your kitchen and it's perfectly clean.

19. When you have a perfectly made bed, with clean sheets, and you've just had a shower so you can sleep in perfect cleanness.

20. When you reorganise something that was really messy and feel a deep sense of calm.

21. When you've just cleaned your whole house and can finally relax.