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21 Borderline Orgasmic Experiences For Anyone Who Loves Cleaning

There is nothing better than tackling something really dirty and making it shiny again.

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7. And when all of your washing is drying and your whole house smells like laundry.

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9. And when you clean your mirror so well that it's just like your identical twin is standing in front of you.

Instagram: @fran_ban

And then when you take a perfect selfie in it.

10. When you descale your kettle and it's like you just bought a new kettle.

Why am I so excited to be descaling a kettle? 🙏


15. When you buy new cleaning products that you think will make your home cleaner than it ever was before.

Instagram: @mommas_pops_dra1

16. When you hoover your carpet and it looks all bright and fluffy again.

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18. When you wipe all the surfaces in your kitchen and it's perfectly clean.

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19. When you have a perfectly made bed, with clean sheets, and you've just had a shower so you can sleep in perfect cleanness.

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20. When you reorganise something that was really messy and feel a deep sense of calm.

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21. When you've just cleaned your whole house and can finally relax.

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