12 Of The Most Terrifying Bugs That Share Our Planet

    Warning: This post will probably give you that phantom feeling that creepy little things are crawling all over you.

    1. Giant Orb Weaving Spider

    As you can see, the giant orb weaver likes to eat birds. Quite large birds. Found in Australia, they grow to around the size of a human hand, though in more tropical climates they can be bigger.

    Why they are terrifying: They're big, venomous, they eat birds, and they look like that. That's a lot of nope.

    2. Asian Giant Hornet

    3. Cicadas

    Found all over North America, these creatures are well known for their crazy life cycles. They spend many years underground eating roots, before emerging all at once. The 17-year cicada for example, emerges in it's thousands, you guessed it, every 17 years.

    Why they are terrifying: Because swarms. No one likes a swarm, unless it was a swarm of kittens, but no, this is a swarm of bugs. They are harmless, but if they were in their swarming frenzy and mistook you for a tree they could grip on to you with their spiky legs and try and lay eggs in you. They probably wouldn't, but if you look like a tree, watch out.

    4. Bot flies.

    5. Camel Spider

    6. The Curved Spiny Spider

    Living amongst the trees in South East Asia, these little spiders build distinctive orb like webs. Their bodies are only 10mm long, but their weird-ass horns are much longer.

    Why they are terrifying: Because of the massive horns. They also have a few tiny spikes around the edge of their bodies, that look nasty. Even though they are harmless to humans, you still wouldn't want to step on one, just imagine the crunch.

    7. Goliath Spider

    8. Amazonian Giant Centipede

    These centipedes can grown up to a foot long, and are found all over the tropical regions of Central and South America.

    Why they are terrifying: They deliver potent venom through their front pincers, which although it can't kill humans, is pretty damn painful. They can eat pretty much any smallish animal, including birds, rodents, bats, lizards and spiders. This is all very scary, but not quite as terrifying as imagining the feeling of all those legs creepy crawling up your trouser leg.

    9. Army Ants

    10. Saddleback Caterpillar

    11. Atlas Beetle

    12. Africanised Honey Bee