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    21 Things All Friends With A Group Chat Will Understand

    "We need to stick to one thread."

    1. Trying to make any kind of plan is basically impossible.

    Warner Brothers

    The magical date when everyone is free does not exist.

    2. The group is neatly divided into those who make plans in the group chat, and those who just turn up occasionally.

    New Line Cinema

    Usually it is the same person who makes the plans every time.

    3. Sometimes, after what seems like hours, you are no clearer on who exactly is down for the plan.


    And then you turn up thinking your whole squad will be there and there are just three of you.

    4. Or worse, you say you can't go, but everyone else is still talking about the plan in the group chat for days.

    Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

    Every time you get a notification it's just someone else saying how pumped they are for the big night out that you can't go to because it's your grandma's 90th birthday.

    5. But the absolute worst is when you suggest a plan, and then no one replies for hours.


    Do you acknowledge it? Do you hope someone will reply? Or do you leave the chat and close the door behind you?

    6. There is nothing better than someone telling a great bad date story in the group chat.


    7. Apart from someone sharing some juicy Tinder screenshots.


    If you say something gross on Tinder you know it's gonna end up in a group chat somewhere.

    8. Occasionally someone will get wasted and start talking utter bullshit to the group chat, and it's marvellous.

    Or they'll just start shouting about how "you're all my best friends in the world, I don't know what I'd do without you, I just love you so much."

    9. Or they will just send a blurry selfie.

    when u send an ugly selfie of u in a face mask to ur fam groupchat

    10. Too many times you think you've dropped a 🔥 joke, but then the thread falls silent.

    Walt Disney

    Oh the shame.

    11. There is probably a long and complicated story, that no one outside your group would understand, about how the group chat got it's name.

    12. Bringing someone new into the chat can be quite controversial.

    TriStar Pictures

    Usually it's someone's new S.O.

    13. There's usually one person in the chat who never says anything. Only to come out and surprise everyone every few months.

    American Empirical Pictures

    Surely it must be so annoying for them to get all these notifications?

    14. Having multiple group chats on the go is a recipe for disaster.


    People reply to the wrong things in the wrong threads, and it's all too much.

    15. Especially when one chat is a sub-group of another chat, often used for bitching about stuff that's going down in the main chat.


    This can't end well.

    16. The worst people are the ones who make a new group chat every time they want to organise something.

    DreamWorks SKG

    And the best people are the ones who delete old chats.

    17. If you make a typo on the group chat, you will get roasted for it.

    Channel 4

    Even if you were completely sober and it was just autocorrect.

    18. And sometimes those typos just take on a life of their own and will never leave you alone.

    19. Sometimes you'll lose signal and by the time you're back in the modern world the group has written three novels worth of pointless chat.

    20. It can make you consider leaving the group.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Just imagine the peaceful, notificationless life you would lead.

    21. But you know that if you left you could never deal with the FOMO.

    Twitter: @Amie_Dawson

    But when you're 90 and still in the group chat you might wanna change the name to something that isn't SluttyMcSlag Sistaz.

    Or not.

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