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21 Ways Working In Retail Changes You For Life

The best training in "holding in your feelings" you could ask for.

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1. You always try to put things back exactly how you found them in every shop.

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And if you can't do it right you feel so guilty.

2. And when you see scenes like this it actually causes you pain.

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Sometimes you try to do a little tidy up.

3. You have perfected your "omg you're so funny" fake laugh, but you only use it when you need to.

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There is power in the fake laugh.

4. And you know how to put on a "nice" face, when really you feel the exact opposite.

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5. But you let it all out as soon as you go home.

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6. You never utter the immortal phrase "can you check in the back?"

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Where is this magical "back"? You know that if they had a storeroom they would have already offered to check in it.

7. And you trust retail workers when they say they can't do something for you.

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8. You can't help but laugh when you hear another customer saying they're never coming here again.

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Because you know that is exactly what all retail workers want to hear from a difficult customer.

9. You are an expert at small talk.

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10. And you never say "have a good weekend" to someone stuck working all Saturday.

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11. You never store money in your bra.

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Sweaty change is disgusting.

12. And you never complain to the staff about the prices.

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You know they have no control over them, and they probably can't afford the stuff either.

13. If you worked with clothes, then you are seriously good at folding.

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It's an art.

14. You know for sure that the customer definitely isn't always right.

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Whoever thought of that has never worked the first day of a sale.

15. You never throw money onto the counter.

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16. There are some jokes that still make you cringe when you hear other customers make them.

17. You never ignore retail staff, no matter how tired you are.

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You know they don't want to do it either, but if they don't then they'll get shit from their manager.

18. You don't understand how people can't tell who works in the shop and who doesn't.

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If in doubt it's probably the people who look like they want to die inside.

19. You never ask a store to stay open a second later than closing time.

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You know this pain, and you couldn't do it to someone else.

20. You're still haunted by the trauma that is trying to go for a break on a busy, understaffed day.

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21. You will always be nice to all retail workers.

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Because you know the pain.