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18 Ways Working In A Call Centre Changes You For Life

You should get an honorary degree in blocking out the haters.

1. You despise talking on the phone.

2. You are exceptionally good at keeping your cool.

3. You are no longer surprised at the depths of stupidity humans can sink to.

4. You never forget the joy that is putting an annoying customer on hold.

5. "Accidentally" hanging up on people is another trade secret you never forget.

6. Getting a sore throat feels like the worst thing that could possibly happen to you.

7. Your phone voice is perfection.

8. The terror of a call coming in right before your shift ends haunts you for life.

9. You know how sacred bathroom breaks are.

10. This is engraved into your brain.

11. Using your phone at your desk feels naughty.

12. You have a talent for sounding 100% confident about things you are really quite unsure of.

13. You've either learnt to be incredibly patient, or have just become numb to frustration.

14. You are an expert at knowing whether to call someone "Mr" or "Mrs" from their voice alone.

15. Desk snacking is a hard habit to break.

16. If you have long hair, then you will be an expert at dealing with this.

17. You know that the customer definitely isn't always right.

18. You deserve a medal for your skills at blocking out the hate.

19. And you will always be polite to the person on the other end of the phone.