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    19 Ways To Tell If Your Friend Is Truly Your BFF

    Do you snapchat them on the toilet?

    1. You can be gross with them.

    2. They tell you all the goss.

    3. They can handle drunk you.

    4. And hungover you.

    5. They know your whole family.

    6. They can tell when you're upset.

    7. They known when to leave you alone.

    8. They give you tough love.

    9. They hate the same people you hate.

    10. And love the same people you love.

    11. They will probably know a secret about you no one else in the world knows.

    12. You have a zillion in-jokes.

    13. You've fought in the past, but are completely over it now.

    14. They could recite your romantic history as well as you could.

    15. You have been on holiday together and not wanted to kill each other.

    16. They have made a sacrifice for you.

    17. You can hang in the same room, in silence, and be totally relaxed.

    18. They will always be your 11th like on Instagram.

    19. You wanna hang out with them right now.