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19 Ways To Tell If Your Friend Is Truly Your BFF

Do you snapchat them on the toilet?

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1. You can be gross with them.

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Would you own up to a fart in front of them? Would you tell them you're going to poop? Would you send them a snapchat while on the toilet? If the answer is yes, then they are good BFF material.

4. And hungover you.

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Once the morning comes they will laugh at you, but bring you water and more junk food. And they will try to avoid spelling out in detail all the horrible shame-inducing things you said.


5. They know your whole family.


They should probably be Facebook friends with your mum, unless you're not Facebook friends with your mum, in which case they will agree with you that people who are Facebook friends with their mums are weird.


11. They will probably know a secret about you no one else in the world knows.

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It's probably mundane and pretty gross. Like that it was actually you that vomited behind the fridge at Tom's party in 2009.


16. They have made a sacrifice for you.

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Did they not invite your ex to their party, even though it would make it awkward with them? Did they leave a party they were having fun at because you were puking? If so they are excellent BFF material.


18. They will always be your 11th like on Instagram.

They will also like a status that no one else has liked.

19. You wanna hang out with them right now.

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And remind them of that secret that you know that no one else knows. And tell them something they said when they were drunk. And bitch about that person. And tell them something gross. And tell them they're your BFF.