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18 Ways To Subtly Cover Your Home In Cats

Everyone who comes over to your house needs to know you're a cat person.

1. This trio of mini plant pots.

2. This totally tasteful cat cushion cover.

3. How about some cute printed tea towels?

4. This minimalist cat clock will do more than just tell the time.

5. Or this clock, if you fancy making a bolder cat statement.

6. This wall sticker that will make people look twice.

7. This rolling pin that will cover your baking in cats.

8. This lampshade is purrfect without being over the top.

9. These coasters have pizza and cats on them.

10. Take your love of cats on the move, with this pawsome hip flask.

11. This bowl only reveals its cat secret once you've finished what you're eating.

12. This jug, featuring a rather sketchy looking cat.

13. Organise your desk with these little cat themed trays.

14. This cat portrait made out of buttons.

15. These cushion covers will let anyone coming into your bedroom know that the cat always comes first.

16. This rug will brighten up any room and tell everyone, "I'm a cat person FYI."

17. This little stool would make a simple bedside table too.

18. This tiny cat bowl would be perfect for keeping your coins in.

Or you could forget about being subtle and get this Hello Kitty headboard.

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