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21 Ways To Cover Your Home With Pictures Of Your Own Cat

Pictures of your cat > pictures of any other cat.

1. Get a cushion version of them.

2. Hang a picture of them as president on your wall.

Obviously. Get one here.

3. Or a painted embroidery hoop portrait.

Get one here.

4. Put your flowers in a ceramic vase version of your cat.

Get one here.

5. Get a classy portrait of your cat on a wooden panel.

6. Or drink your tea from a mug with a little picture of your kitty on it.

Get one here.

7. Cuddle a soft felt portrait when your cat isn't feeling it.

Get one here.

8. Or get a cuddly knitted version.

Get one here.

9. Get this not at all spooky felt sculpture.

Get one here.

10. Hang a striking poster that shows everyone your cat is the best cat.

Get one here.

11. Or this chic modern portrait.

Get it here.

12. Leave a puzzle of your pet on your coffee table at all times.

13. Put a portrait of your cat as royalty in prime position.

14. Be reminded of your puss whenever you look at the time.

15. Display a simple watercolour of your cat just being themselves.

Get one here.

16. Decorate your Christmas tree with pictures of your kitty.

17. Keep your phone safe in a soft leather case with a picture of your cat on it.

18. Make your cat an aristocat with a silhouette portrait.

19. Hang up an oil painting of your cat as the cat with the pearl earring.

Or as literally whatever you want. Get this one and many more options here.

20. Get a scarf or some mittens knitted from your kitty's fur.

Yes really! If you're into that sort of thing get it here.

21. Or keep it simple and just get a big cushion of their face.

Get one here.

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