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18 Ways All-Girl's School Prepared You For The Real World

You know the true meaning of girl power.

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2. You learned that even the most dramatic arguments will blow over if you're forced to spend eight hours a day together.


It was normal to see two girls cry-screaming at each other in the cafeteria one week and back to being best buddies the next.

3. Talking about your period is not a big deal to you.

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But you've never quite got used to the fact that it's not the social norm just to ask your colleague for a tampon if it catches you unaware.


5. Living in a basically man-free world for a large part of your life means that you don't take well to men patronising you.

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Feminism was part of your curriculum and you only realised how much you need it when you left.

6. And don't even try to tell us girls can't do something as well as men can.


Girls schools tend to be pretty academic, and you were probably told from the age of 11 that if you wanted to be prime minister it was entirely possible – you just needed an A in German GCSE.


9. Being cool is seriously overrated.

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The hierarchy of cool isn't even taboo in girls schools, but by the time you're 18 no one really cares any more. And now stalking the "cool" girls on Facebook shows you just how little all that stuff mattered.

10. A no-makeup day isn't a big deal for you.

Even if your school did let you wear makeup a lot of girls wouldn't bother. There was no one to impress, you'd all seen each other at your worst, and those extra 15 minutes in bed are really, really important.


14. You don't pass up an opportunity to meet any potential hotties.


When your only flirting time was a 20-minute bus journey and an annual supervised disco, you know how to make the most of seeing a fittie in a bar.

15. You can make the smallest piece of gossip seem like the juiciest morsel ever.


Because if a boy looked at you on the bus you and your friends could talk about it for an entire break-time.

16. And you can read an almost infinite number of meaning into the most basic of text messages.


There wasn't much boy gossip going around school, so what there was you had to really string out.

17. You're still thankful you don't have to wear a kilt everyday.

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But also you still find choosing what to wear in the mornings really hard.

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