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    18 Ways All-Girl's School Prepared You For The Real World

    You know the true meaning of girl power.

    1. Work drama seems like child's play compared to the gossip wars you went through at school.

    2. You learned that even the most dramatic arguments will blow over if you're forced to spend eight hours a day together.

    3. Talking about your period is not a big deal to you.

    4. And you don't feel squeamish about any other bodily functions either.

    5. Living in a basically man-free world for a large part of your life means that you don't take well to men patronising you.

    6. And don't even try to tell us girls can't do something as well as men can.

    7. You're not afraid to be competitive, and you can definitely stand up for yourself.

    8. You know how to comfort a random crying stranger.

    9. Being cool is seriously overrated.

    10. A no-makeup day isn't a big deal for you.

    11. You feel very comfortable in your joggers.

    12. And you know shaving is entirely optional.

    13. You don't think anything of adjusting your bra or pulling up your tights in public.

    14. You don't pass up an opportunity to meet any potential hotties.

    15. You can make the smallest piece of gossip seem like the juiciest morsel ever.

    16. And you can read an almost infinite number of meaning into the most basic of text messages.

    17. You're still thankful you don't have to wear a kilt everyday.

    18. It made you the person you are today.