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18 Ways Going To An All Girls' School Changes You Forever

Why isn't it publicly acceptable to pull up your tights wherever?

1. You will never get used to the fact that it's not socially acceptable to pull your tights up in public.

riskms / Getty Images / iStockphoto / Hannah Jewell / BuzzFeed

All girls understand the pain of the low-hanging crotch and the wrinkly ankle.

2. Or shout across a room, "Does anyone have a tampon? Anyone else got one with an applicator?"

Warner Brothers / Via

3. It's annoying that most people require privacy to change clothing rather than just going for it wherever they may be.

4. You've been through the gossip wars, and you are now prepared for anything.

Syndication / Via

Office drama? P-LEASE?

5. Anyways, no gossip is as good as that lesbian gossip was that time.

6. Seeing a girl hysterically crying in the toilet doesn't phase you that much.

E! / Via

But you do know exactly what to say.

7. You're very good at dressing casual.

@ellisharrell / / Twitter: @oliviabolivia00 / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

No boys to impress meant that minimal effort went in to day-to-day appearances. This lifestyle can be hard to shake off.

8. Generally you are pretty cool with the discussion of all bodily fluids.

It's hard to move on from years of conversations about periods and poo.

9. Hair removal still feels like an unnecessary chore.

When you spent months in woolly tights surrounded only by women, what was the point? And now you've probably forgotten the reason why people do it in the first place.

10. When you had your first class or meeting in a mixed-gender environment, it was a bit of a shock.


So boys like to interrupt people, huh?

11. You know all about the glass ceiling and are prepared to smash it.

With no boys around, we were expected to do ALL the achieving.

12. Wearing make-up every day seems like the most effort ever.

Make-up is for weekends, when you might see boys.

13. You're very resourceful when it comes to meeting potential men.

Walt Disney / Via

You had years of mining that 30-minute bus journey for every social interaction with a man possible.

14. You didn't realise oversharing was a thing until you left school.

HBO / Via

And these boundaries are still not your strong point.

15. At school, no detail about a romantic encounter was too insignificant to share.

Columbia Pictures / Via

And you still feel the need to tell someone every time your crush texts.

16. You just don't understand what "eating like a girl" is supposed to mean.

17. Deciding what to wear in the morning is incredibly hard these days.

18. It gave you too many happy memories and you know you wouldn't be the same without it.

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