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    23 Ways Being A Teacher Changes You Forever

    There is definitely such a thing as a stupid question.

    1. You are exceptionally patient.

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    Nothing is more frustrating than teaching, so being put on hold by your bank is child's play by comparison.

    2. Your conflict resolution skills are second to none.

    You're pretty sure you could be a professional peace negotiator after some of the parents' evenings you've dealt with.

    3. Your tolerance for gross stuff is unrivalled.


    You've seen everything in the school toilets. Evverrryyyythhiinnnggg.

    4. You're pretty good at winging it.


    "OK for once in my life I decided to go out for drinks instead of planning this lesson, so here comes some improv."

    5. You've got a thick skin.

    You've been called every name under the sun, and a few more you still aren't quite sure on the meaning of. They just bounce off you now.

    6. You have a strong poker face.


    Kids are sometimes bloody hilarious, but sometimes their jokes are not exactly classroom appropriate.

    7. You know for sure that they're definitely is such a thing as a stupid question.

    "Yes I heard you, I am just taking a minute to remind myself that this is the next generation and the future of our world is in your hands."

    8. You're pretty sure that some people might be born evil.

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    Some students are just straight up dickheads.

    9. And you probably still have nightmares about that one kid.

    10. When people say that teaching is an easy job you will always completely lose it.

    We have such long holidays because we go completely mad without them.

    11. You probably have quite a serious caffeine addiction.

    It's the only way to deal with 8:30 AM starts and staying up late to finish marking.

    12. Your Facebook privacy settings are set to the max.

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    As are all your other social media settings, in fact you probably use fake names for all of them. The fear of a child finding out you are a normal human is real.

    13. Lots of your teacher habits will spill over into the real world.


    *Can't stop pushing in random chairs in restaurants.*

    14. If you ever go anywhere a little bit embarrassing you are constantly afraid of seeing a student.

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    15. You're a bit of a hygiene obsessive.

    16. You can't stop itching as soon as anyone mentions nits.

    "NITS! Who said nits, where are the lice? Kill all nits."

    17. Your ability to keep your cool is unrivalled.

    You can't call that kid a fucking arrogant piece of shit or you'll get fired. So you become an expert at keeping it down.

    18. Thanks to things like World Book Day your embarrassment level is pretty low.

    19. You get sick of the latest kid's craze twice as fast as any parent.

    20. You're a pro at multi-tasking.

    Eating lunch while watching a detention and marking a paper — no problem.

    21. A late night for you is anything past 9 p.m.

    They should start showing all the good shows on TV earlier.

    22. Days where you genuinely have nothing to do are the highlights of your year.

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    Being all caught up on reports, lesson plans and marking seems completely impossible at times.

    23. Knowing you might have made a difference in even one child's life will always fill you with joy.

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