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    19 Reasons Why When It Comes To Knickers, Bigger Is Better

    Live life to the full brief.

    1. Fact: Wedgies hold you back in life.

    2. Don't worry knicker-wearers of the world there is a solution — The full brief.

    3. Trust me, small-knicker people: One of life’s pleasures is being able to cover your belly button with your own briefs.

    4. Big knickers are exceedingly flattering.

    5. They also keep your tummy all nice and warm.

    6. And LOOK, big knickers can be sexy.

    7. Bigger surface area means more room to make your knickers a piece of art.

    8. If you want no visible panty lines you could go for a thong...Or a pair of the biggest knickers you've ever seen.

    9. Big knickers means no more builders bum.

    10. Wearing big knickers gives you the freedom to do all the activities!

    11. These big knickers are being advertised to the active outdoor type!

    12. In big knickers you can do whatever the fuck you want.

    13. Your Granny got at least one thing right in her life.

    14. If we're gonna take over the world and overthrow the patriarchy we should do it in comfort AND style.

    15. If you feel like it, you could even tuck that vest into those knickers.

    16. Just look how fly this girl looks in her massive knickers.

    17. The choice is simple.

    18. Thongs will hold you back no longer.

    19. Be like Bridget.