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12 Types Of Sex Everyone Will Have At Least Once

Why did anyone ever think shower sex was a good idea?

1. The "weirdly sticky experimental food" sex.

2. The "we haven't done it in this room before" sex.

3. The "tried to do a sexy striptease but was wearing skinny jeans" sex.

4. The "quickie before work" sex.

5. The "probably too hungover to have sex" sex.

6. The "definitely too drunk to have sex" sex.

7. The "shower sex is meant to be great" sex.

8. The "my housemates are right outside the door so we have to be silent" sex.

9. The "I want to be able to say I've had sex outside" sex.

10. The "having sex on the floor makes it extra passionate" sex.

11. The "I saw the position in porn and thought it looked super cool" sex.

12. The "super lazy, but seriously satisfying Sunday afternoon" sex.