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22 Types Of Hangovers Illustrated By Crap Taxidermy

How ever bad you feel, you will never look as bad as these guys. Via @CrapTaxidermy.

1. The "I don't remember anything after we left the house" hangover.

2. The "I did what?!" hangover.

3. The "I'm too old for this shit" hangover.

4. The "I am never drinking again" hangover.

5. The "I don't deserve this" hangover.

6. The "if I move I might puke" hangover.

7. The "I might die, this could be it for me" hangover.

8. The "it's 3pm and I still feel like death" hangover.

9. The "I think something died in my mouth" hangover.

10. The "I made out with Dave?! I would never make out with Dave" hangover.

11. The "fuck, I got with Dave" hangover.

12. The "shhh, no talking today" hangover.

13. The "this better be important, Sandra" hangover.

14. The "pretty sure I'm still drunk" hangover.

15. The "I'm not gonna make it to the toilet" hangover.

16. The "I will do literally anything to end this hell" hangover.

17. The "my whole world is spinning" hangover.

18. The "I should have pulled a sickie" hangover.

19. The "if I don't eat in the next 20 seconds I will die" hangover.

20. The "I thought I'd got away with it and then it just hit me" hangover.

21. The "I don't remember sending that text" hangover.

22. The "WTF am I doing with my life" hangover.