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    24 Times Simon Amstell Was Way, Way Too Real

    "How can we still have homophobia... When Elton John wrote the Lion King?"

    1. On sexism:

    2. On humanity:

    3. On crushes:

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    Simon's mum: "Do you want to sleep with him or be him?"

    Simon: "Both. That's normal, isn't it?"

    4. On pep talks:

    5. On the evolution of language:

    "We are being fed these words that don't make any sense. Like manbag and guyliner. Like men don't have hands or eyes. "

    6. On orgies:

    "My personality is not suited to an orgy. What I bring to a social setting is humour. That is not required at an orgy. Nobody wants to be sarcastically fellated."

    7. On getting on with stuff:

    8. On John Barrowman's good looks:

    9. On being single:

    10. On wearing sunglasses indoors:

    11. On personalities:

    12. On living alone:


    13. On loneliness:

    14. On life:

    15. On group therapy:


    16. On makeup:

    17. On homophobia:

    18. On religion:

    19. On dating:

    20. On communicating:

    21. On alcohol:

    22. On fashion:

    23. On sex:

    24. On cats:

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