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    Sep 15, 2016

    33 Times "Pointless" Was The Most Wholesomely Funny Show On TV

    Your nan would love Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong.

    1. When Alexander fainted at this astonishing fact.

    2. When Richard Osman took biscuits very, very seriously.

    3. And cake even more seriously.

    4. When Pearl tried to clapback at Richard and he wasn't having any of it.


    5. When Richard gave us this sneaky look backstage.

    This is how I deliver @XanderArmstrong to the Pointless studio every day...

    6. Whenever Richard says that he thinks Ben Miller is funnier than Alexander.

    7. It's a joke that just gets better with time.

    8. When they couldn't resist this easy pun.

    9. When Dave was a contestant.

    10. When all we wanted to know about Richard's laptop was finally revealed.

    The laptop doesn't work! It's true!

    11. When Adam didn't miss a beat.

    12. When they were totes amazeballs.

    13. When they slipped in a mini innuendo into their hilarious introductions.

    14. Whenever Alexander slips in a little dig before "he's my Pointless friend, he's Richard."

    15. When Richard's intro is probably the best part of every show.

    16. When they get more random every time.

    17. Whenever they give you intense friendship goals.

    18. And make jokes that you shouldn't like, but you do.

    19. When this pair met in the most unlikely way.

    20. When Rhianna and Alexander found something to bond over.

    21. When Richard and Alexander took their friendship to the next level.

    22. Whenever you wished they really were married.

    23. When Alexander wasn't as smart as everyone thought.

    24. When Alexander absolutely rinsed Ian.

    25. When one contestant said they were going to spend their prize money on stalking.

    26. When they made this innocent joke.

    27. When they started planning a group holiday on air.

    28. Whenever they made jokes about Richard being an actual giant.

    29. When they imagined what Pointless would have been like in the past.

    30. When they made this innocent vegetable joke.

    31. Whenever they make terrible puns.

    32. When it's the worst pun you've ever heard, and you still laugh at it.

    33. When they dressed like it was the olden days.

    Never change, Pointless.

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