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Posted on Oct 25, 2016

19 Time Andrew Was Pure Joy In The "Bake Off" Tent

The only baker to actually forget to turn the oven on.

1. When he tried to talk back to Mary Berry, just a little bit, and she was having none of it.

BBC / Love Productions

2. Everytime he silently acknowledges an innuendo.

3. He doesn't miss a single one.

4. When he was utterly shellshocked because he won star baker.

He just wasn't expecting it at all.

5. When he forgot to turn the oven on, and a meme was born.

Love Productions / BBC

6. When he wore a basket made of bread on his head.

Really the only tent-appropriate attire.

7. When he has the best facial expressions on the show.

8. There are two types of Andrew:

9. He just looks so cute when he's happy.

BBC / Love Productions

10. And his face can break your heart when he's sad.

BBC / Love Productions


11. When he cried it was just all too much.

12. He needs his own set of emojis stat.

13. When he said this about his citrus meringue pie.

BBC / Love Productions

He totally knew what he was doing.

14. Everytime Mel and Sue say how much time is left and he looks like this.

BBC / Love Productions

15. Or like this this.

BBC / Love Productions

"Oh flippidy dip!" – Andrew, probably.

16. When he perfectly placed his "jousting pole".

BBC / Love Productions

Definitely a jousting pole. Definitely not genitalia.

17. When all the bakers went to the childline ball and Andrew legit lost his shit when Will Young performed.

18. And when he rode on the back of Selasi's motorbike and we got to see what true love looked like.

#SelAndrew forever.

We love you Andrew.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Please don't cry again we can't take it.

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