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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    17 Things You'll Understand If You're Addicted To Snacking

    There is no such thing as just one biscuit.

    1. You are never truly full.


    You might think you're full, but then someone will suggest an after dinner chocolate, and you'll eat 15.

    2. You find yourself eating without really realising it.


    Suddenly all your snacks are gone and you don't remember eating them, what a waste of snack time.

    3. Whenever you have any emotion you see that as an occasion for eating.

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    Break-up cake, promotion cake, feeling kind of OK cake.

    4. Snacking at work is a big problem for you, because your reaction to boredom is just to eat.

    5. When you're drunk, snacking is a necessity.

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    You definitely been know to leave the club early just because you were so hungry.

    6. When you're at home you have a particular weird way of making your snacks.

    7. You can't have a hot drink without a cake or biscuit.

    8. You've tried to curb your snacking, but when you don't snack, all you can think about is snacking.


    It's too distracting not to snack.

    9. When people come round to your house you feel like you must offer them snacks.

    10. Pre-dinner snacks are dangerous for you because you just can't stop.

    11. You find sharing snacks difficult, because you are always making sure you get your fair amount.


    The other person is probably just casually eating, but you're calculating how much you can stuff in your face before it's obvious that you have eaten more than your fair share.

    12. Every time you go shopping you spend most of your time choosing which snacks to buy.

    13. You get hangry, so you snacking is in everyone's interests.


    14. And you get anxious about getting hungry in the future, so snack to prevent this ever happening.


    15. You try to keep snacks on you in case you get hungry later.


    But that usually doesn't work out because you just eat them straightaway.

    16. When people offer you some of their snack you just want more and more.

    They gave you a taste, and now getting another crisp is all you're thinking about.

    17. And you can never refuse snacks, because you're not sure when the next free snacking opportunity is going to come along.

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    You don't want to look back on your life and regret not taking that biscuit.

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