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19 Things You'll Understand If You Feel Like You're Still 16

They should have given us some mock bills to pay in school.

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1. You can't quite believe you're an adult.

New Line Cinema

It's a bit of a shock every time you look in the mirror.

2. Because you still feel the same as you always have on the inside.

Walt Disney

3. No one ever warned you that one day you'd wake up and be a grown up.

De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

It just sort of happened.

4. You thought there would be a regeneration process into adulthood.


Maybe a manual?

5. But it just happened gradually and now you have to pay bills and taxes.

Warner Bros

You thought there would be more of a warning, like how you knew about exams at school four years before they actually happened. Maybe THE MAN would give you some mock bills to pay.

6. You have to feed yourself three times a day.

And it's not like your parents have just gone away for the weekend; this is forever.

7. Which means you should probably buy yourself some vegetables occasionally.

Spending money on vegetables feels wrong.

8. Sometimes it dawns on you that you don't live with your parents anymore.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


9. You have to remind yourself that this is actually a very good thing.


This is literally what I have always wanted.

10. Every time someone you know is the first to reach a milestone you get freaked out.

The CW

"You can't possibly move in with your girlfriend, we only left school five years ago."

11. You have a mini panic attack every time you see a baby picture on Facebook.


"Are we even fully fertile yet? I don't feel like any of my eggs are mature enough for that, let alone me."

12. It freaks you out when famous people are younger than you.

"How did they have time to achieve that much? I've only just mastered signing off an email without feeling awkward."

13. You don't actually believe that if you auditioned for the X Factor you'd be put in the oldest category.


They casually refer to the over 25s as the overs, because their lives are nearly over.

14. You do a lot of scary sums in your head about that fact that if you want to be married by the time you're 30 then you have to meet ~the one~ tomorrow.


But then you forget all about this because it must be a lie because you're actually only 16.

15. The novelty of driving with your friends still hasn't worn off.


You could just go anywhere. There is nothing stopping you from driving to Scotland. Except there is, because this is just a trip to Sainsbury’s and you need to be at work tomorrow.

16. When someone calls you "Sir" or "Ma'am" in a shop you get confused.

Columbia Pictures Corporation

"They must mean that adult behind me."

17. You still get excited about being able to do grown-up things.

Like getting a cat!

18. But then it dawns on you that you are now responsible for a cat's life and you feel 16 again.

DreamWorks SKG

19. But then you manage to keep the cat alive, and you realise that you can probably handle this whole grown-up thing.

With several phone calls to your mum.