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    22 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Secretly A Bit Ugly

    You've got bad genes but you make the most of them.

    1. You when you've just got out the shower versus you when you leave the house look like two different people.

    2. You have a definite photo face you pull every time you see a camera.

    The CW

    3. And a subconscious mirror face you do microseconds before you're about to see your reflection.


    You don't even know you're doing it, until you accidentally see yourself without it.

    4. If someone manages to take a picture of you when you're not aware, you will do everything you can to see it and destroy it.

    Cartoon Network

    5. Because if you're caught at the wrong angles, it's not pretty.

    6. And when someone does manage to take a good picture of you acting natural, it will 100% be your profile picture.

    7. You have a "cute" ugly face for funny snapchats.

    8. And a true ugly face, that only your nearest and dearest have seen.


    9. Sometimes when you're on your own it's fun to look in the mirror and marvel about how ugly you can make yourself.


    It's a talent.

    10. And it's important to have special ugly photo shoots to revel in all you can be.

    Comedy Central

    11. Sometimes you think about how ugly you probably look 90% of the time when you're not pulling your special mirror and photo faces.

    Yahoo! Movies

    Don't think about this. This is a bad thought.

    12. You might even touch the flabby parts of your face and imagine what they look like.


    Save yourself: Don't do this.

    13. You are very particular about your hairstyle, because you know that a slight change can reveal your true form as a slightly ugly person.

    14. It can take you ages to leave the house because sometimes your standard beautifying routine isn't working and you're having a bad day.

    Crossbow Productions

    15. And if you don't have time for your usual preening process, people will notice.

    Disney Channel

    They will usually just ask if you're OK or say you look "tired" though.

    16. Some days everything will go well and you'll actually look super hot.

    Mirisch Corporation

    17. And then you'll accidentally catch your reflection in your laptop screen and realise that really you're just a little ugly human after all.


    18. You can't imagine what it's like being one of the hot people.

    And you're sure that if you were super hot, you'd definitely win America's Next Top Model.

    19. You know that just because you're secretly kind of ugly, it doesn't mean you can't be super cute.


    20. Your ugliness is a beautiful comedic gift that can bring joy to many.


    Or at least the people you trust not to screenshot on Snapchat.

    21. And even the most beautiful people have their secretly ugly side.

    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    22. So maybe it's time to stop being secretly ugly and come out as a beautifully ugly human.