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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You Live In A Lazy House

You will argue about whose turn it is to take the bin out for twice as long as it actually takes to take the bin out.

1. When something breaks in your house, you will live with it for several days, even if it is really inconvenient.

2. Lightbulbs don't get replaced until all the lamps and torches have also run out.

3. Bin Jenga is an important part of your everyday life.

4. And your bin is usually full of pizza boxes.

5. Buttering your bread with a spoon and eating cereal out of a mug is standard practice for you.

When you run out of knives.. #WhatIsLife

Washing up is A LOT of effort.

6. When a doorbell rings your automatic reaction is to call "shot not".

7. You've overstuffed your washing machine so much that some stuff in there has stayed dry.

8. You've used kitchen roll as toilet paper, and only bothered to go to the shop after that had run out.

9. You only bring your mugs back to the kitchen when there are none left.

10. You've drunk water that's been on your bedside table for at least a week.

11. When someone spills water, you'll just leave it there until it dries.

12. Not moving and just spending the whole day on the sofa is standard practice for you.

13. You've eaten some really weird food combinations because none of you can be bothered to leave the house to buy food.

14. You would all go to great lengths to argue that it shouldn't be you that has to remove the mouldy vegetable from the back of the fridge.

15. Your living room doubles as where you all store your shoes.

16. You're running out of room in your shower because of all the empty shampoo bottles.

17. The only time anyone does a deep clean is when someone's parents are coming to visit.

18. You can't remember the last time you saw a toilet roll on the toilet roll holder.