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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Don't Have A Jawline

    You may be weak of chin, but you are not weak of heart.

    1. When chinful people moan to you about their teeny weeny double chins you smile at them politely.

    "Oh how cute, when you actively force your chin to touch your chest you get a little wrinkle. Must be fun being able to do that."

    2. They don't know what it's like to just not have a chin.

    Maybe you were born with a weak chin, or maybe your chin has become lost in your neck. However you became chinless, you understand the pain.

    3. You don't just see a double chin when you accidentally open your front-facing camera; you see one all the time.

    Twitter: @medievalreacts

    Passing a shop window? Check. Any photo where you were caught unaware? Check. Your reflection in your laptop screen? Check.

    4. You probably have a go-to pose for photos that involves craning your neck out and making sure the camera is above your eyeline at all times.


    5. And you automatically pull a face whenever you look in a mirror as well.


    You have to try to minimise your exposure to your own double chin.

    6. But sometimes when you're just sitting around you can't help but just feel your own neck and imagine how chinless you look right now.


    You don't need to do this. Love yourself.

    7. When you get a good picture of yourself that wasn't a selfie, it is headline news for you for at least a week.

    CNN / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    It's so rare that you were actually looking nice, the lighting was good, and the angle was right.

    8. You have definitely googled chin workout routines before.

    9. And you have probably even convinced yourself that you were actually going to stick to doing some face gym routine every day.


    But really, even if they did work, who has time for this?

    10. You might have tried to contour in a jawline.


    11. Or grow a beard to hide what's underneath.

    12. You know that you probably won't age too well. Turkey necks are probably a strong family trait.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / / BuzzFeed

    We can't all be Helen Mirren.

    13. But you've come to terms with your weak chin, and you know that it won't hold you back in life.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    Sure, maybe your dreams of a modelling career might have to be put on hold, but having a weak chin seems to be an advantage if you want to be a British politician.

    14. You've even begun to appreciate the comic potential of your chinless body.

    Why stop your chin from bringing others joy?

    15. And it's a true sign of trust when you show someone your maximum chinless state.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    Love me with or without chin.

    16. Over the years you've worked out which hairstyle maximises what little jawline you have.


    It was probably a process of trial and error.

    17. You know the power of the Snapchat bar when it comes to hiding your chin.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    18. But you've come to understand that your smooth neck that effortlessly blends from mouth to chest is full of joy.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    19. Who needs a chin anyway?

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