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21 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Terrible Twentysomething

Crafting > clubbing.

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3. You only watch so many cooking shows because you actually enjoy cooking.

Instagram: @forestfix

Well, eating.

4. You'd rather get a KitchenAid mixer than the newest iPhone.

Instagram: @jewelmeza

They'll last for life and you can use them to make CAKE.


5. And you like watching property programs so much because you spend so much time at home.

Instagram: @pattihome

And because you're nosey and like looking round other people's houses.


10. If your friends ever do persuade you to go OUT out – you will be home by 1am.

Instagram: @stellathetinycat

11. You don't mind leaving the house, but there's got to be food involved.

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12. Every shopping trip has to have lots of stops for snacks.

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14. You hate being a part of group messages and always seem to miss the joke.

Instagram: @mattybugatty

You'd mute them all if you could work out how.


18. You're probably mildly addicted to some kind of crafting.

Instagram: @sherjenks

Knitting is more addictive than any app game you've ever tried.

19. You get genuinely excited about getting into bed after you've changed your sheets.

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21. You're just not yourself if you don't get eight hours of sleep a night.

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Preferably between 11pm and 7am, but obviously that means being in bed by 10:30pm.