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Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Dec 30, 2016

21 Things You'll Only Get If You're A Terrible Twentysomething

Crafting > clubbing.

1. You'd probably rather watch home improvement shows than the latest series everyone is talking about.

Channel 4

What can you say, you just love interior design.

2. And you have a busy schedule of cooking shows to keep up with.

The Food Network

3. You only watch so many cooking shows because you actually enjoy cooking.

4. You'd rather get a KitchenAid mixer than the newest iPhone.

5. And you like watching property programs so much because you spend so much time at home.

6. You know that going out is majorly overrated.


7. Clubs are way too loud.


8. And there's never anywhere to sit down.

Twitter: @lou_believe

Dancing is kinda fun for like an hour, but then you need a lil' rest.

9. And there's always queuing involved: to get in, for the bar, and for the toilet.

Rollins-Joffe Productions

As soon as you could go clubbing legally you became too old to club.

10. If your friends ever do persuade you to go OUT out – you will be home by 1am.

11. You don't mind leaving the house, but there's got to be food involved.

12. Every shopping trip has to have lots of stops for snacks.

13. You're the last to catch on to any new social media craze.

Misuma / Getty Images

You think you understand Facebook, but Twitter is beyond you.

14. You hate being a part of group messages and always seem to miss the joke.

15. Dating can be tricky when you don't like staying up late and noisy bars.


Trying new things that aren't food is generally a bit too scary.

16. You wouldn't be caught dead in weather-inappropriate clothing.


You don't care if it ruins your outfit – as long as you're warm.

17. You've never really got on with serious high heels.


You can just about manage a smart heel with a platform if you don't have to stand up for more than half an hour.

18. You're probably mildly addicted to some kind of crafting.

19. You get genuinely excited about getting into bed after you've changed your sheets.

20. The idea of starting to watch a film past 9pm is a bit too wild for you.


Some films are over two hours long and that could totally wreck your sleep pattern.

21. You're just not yourself if you don't get eight hours of sleep a night.

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