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    23 Things You'll Get Only If You Met Your BFF Before You Were 16

    You know about every cringe teenage phase.

    1. You both have enough embarrassing old photos of each other for a lifetime's worth of blackmail.

    2. And you have a load of secrets that can never see the light of day.

    It's why you'll be friends forever.

    3. You basically speak in a secret language because you have so many in-jokes.

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    4. Half your conversations involve telling cringe anecdotes from when you were younger.


    5. And if one of you doesn't remember something, the other one gets very offended.


    "How dare you not have committed every detail of our relationship to memory."

    6. You never have to hold your tongue when you're together; you can say exactly what you mean.


    Which means if one of you asks if you need to wash your hair, the answer is usually yes.

    7. And you can tease each other as much as you like and know you'll still be friends.

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    Pretty much your favourite game is pointing at ugly things and saying, "That's you."

    8. But they also know how to give the perfect compliment to make you feel your very best.

    Twitter: @AdiStylesx

    "OK your hair is a little greasy, but you have such good bone structure you could pull off anything."

    9. You have no boundaries with each other, and they are always your number one amateur doctor.

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    10. You never have to hold your farts in around them.


    11. One of you peeing is never a reason to stop a conversation.

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    12. And you don't hold back details about any other bodily functions either.

    13. You are 100% happy just sitting in silence together, or having fun looking at your phones in the same room.


    Once you've spent so much time together nothing is awkward.

    14. You know every detail about each other's sex lives.


    You could probably list everyone they've snogged in order from age 15–19.

    15. At first you were super jealous of all their new work or university friends.

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    But then you met them and realised your best friend has excellent taste in friends.

    16. You are practically part of their family because you spent so much time at their house growing up.


    17. You can make each other get the giggles more than anyone else.

    18. If one of you moves away for a while it doesn't actually affect your friendship.

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    It's super sad, but you'll still keep in constant contact and be just as ~emotionally~ close.

    19. And when you're finally together again it's like nothing has changed.


    20. When people tell you to keep something secret you assume your best friend doesn't count.

    21. You know exactly how to cheer each other up when one of you is having a bad day.

    22. You've been through all the weird, awkward teenage phases together.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    23. And you can't wait to be old ladies together.


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