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22 Things That Happen In The First Year After You Move In With Your S.O.

You tell each other when you have a good poo.

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4. And you do, but it's not when you thought it would be.

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You're still just as busy, but now you have someone to have breakfast with every single day, and someone to hang out with when you're brushing your teeth.


16. You'll know the name of everyone they work with, and pretty much every detail of their day.

When you tell your mans all the tea cause he your best friend too

If something slightly out of the ordinary happens in your day you've probably texted them about it before you get home.


20. You'll learn about all your little differences, and realise that sometimes their way is better.


They'll teach you that an ~intimate~ blow dry is a revolutionary experience, but you'll never come round to keeping ketchup in the fridge.