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19 Things You'll Understand If You're A Girl Who Fucking Hates Shaving

You're praying for pubes to come back into fashion.

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2. So naturally when the sun does come out you still remove as little hair as possible for people to believe you're a naturally hairless wonder.

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You'll only shave your armpits if you think there's a chance you'll have to take your jumper off.

4. You absolutely hate the fact that there's pressure from society to shave.

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That ol' patriarchy at it again.


5. And you are waiting for the day that some lil' pubes peeking out of your bikini comes back into fashion.

6. You have serious respect for any woman brave enough to rock body hair.

And you think they all look damn hot with it too.

7. And maybe occasionally you'll let it all hang out too.

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8. But also, sometimes, it's nice to feel like a smooth slippery mermaid princess.

Instagram: @loulovesgin

9. Or you might wish you could rock your hairy legs, but just don't feel quite brave enough.

Instagram: @leghairdontcare

You hate shaving, but you also hate unwanted stares and comments.

10. You've probably tried the full range of hair removal products to see which is the least pain and effort.

Instagram: @thatketoliife

Probably not an epilator unless you have an incredible pain threshold.


14. And the smell of Veet is the opposite of sexy.

Veet that doesn't smell like death is all I'm asking for right now

15. Whatever method you try, the stubble comes back to haunt you way too soon.

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17. You totally expect any of your romantic partners to be chill about how hairy you are.

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If they complain then they're not welcome back into your hairy lady cave.