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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    21 Things You'll Get If You Went To An All Girls' School In The '00s

    What went down in the classroom was talked about on MSN.

    1. Uniform rules were there to be broken.

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    The hard part was hiding the bulky rolled top of skirt under your shirt, as well as getting all the pleats looking normal.

    2. But if your school let you wear trousers, then you would probably wear them 99% of the time.

    And if you were allowed to wear your gym kit outside of PE then you never wore anything else.

    3. And the coolest girls carried their gym kit in a Jane Norman carrier bag.

    4. Anyone who was anyone cut holes in their jumper sleeves.

    5. You wished for chunky school shoes, but your mum bought you sensible school shoes.

    6. Pulling up your tights in the hallway was totally accepted.

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    There is nothing more uncomfortable than the crotch of your tights making its way slowly towards your knees, and your fellow pupils understood this.

    7. Your main place to meet boys was probably the bus stop.


    This is where you could interact with boys from the matching boys' school in your area.

    8. But you mainly talked to them on MSN rather than real life.

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    "OMG sorry my friend typed that brb."

    9. And you'd copy and paste all the scandalous bits to all your best friends.

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    10. It was totally normal to get the bus together to school, spend all day together, go home together, and then talk on MSN to each other all night.

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    And then maybe have a long phone call discussing what went down on MSN later.

    Unless your mum needed to use the landline and then you were basically isolated.

    11. Apart from gossiping about each other, you talked about who you hated on Big Brother and who you fancied on Skins.

    Channel 4

    Maxxie was actually the hottest.

    12. Talking about periods didn't phase you, and it was common for someone to ask a whole classroom for a tampon.

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    It also made the male teachers uncomfortable, which was a bonus.

    13. Without boys you were the ones making the fart jokes.


    And your toilets got blocked all the time because people insisted on rebelliously flushing tampons.

    14. Your changing rooms were probably cold and slightly damp, so you'd change into your gym kit in your classroom.


    And then if a male teacher tried to come in you'd shout "NO DON'T SHE'S NAKED". Sometimes you did this even when someone wasn't naked as it was an excellent way to delay a lesson.

    15. There was bitching and gossip, but not half as much as there was in American high school movies.


    But enough so that your standard office drama seems like child's play compared to what you went through in school.

    16. There was a lot of crying in the toilets.

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    So when you see a random girl bawling her eyes out in the club loos, you know how to handle it.

    17. If you were lucky there might have been some juicy lesbian gossip in your year.


    But in reality you only found out who was gay when you Facebook stalked them years later.

    18. Your school was kind of feminist, but not exactly forward thinking.

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    Sure you had to wear a strict dress code so you didn't "distract the male teachers" but also you were never interrupted by boys, and were told you could be anything you wanted to be. Margaret Thatcher and Marie Curie were probably mentioned a lot.

    19. After school you had to run to the tuck shop to avoid the queues.

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    And that's what "eating like a girl" means to you.

    20. There was definitely one girl who completely changed everything about herself after she left school.

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    It's always the really shy one who gets the boob job.

    21. And you only know this through detailed Facebook stalking.

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    And you definitely still stalk all the interesting girls you went to school with now, especially the ones who are married with babies.

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