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    21 Random Things You'll Find In Every Houseshare In Britain

    Enough plastic bags to last a lifetime.

    1. Several slightly broken drying racks.

    2. A large plastic bag collection.

    3. Several tupperware boxes you probably got free with a Chinese takeaway, with their lids missing.

    4. An Ikea Billy bookcase.

    5. An Ikea Lack coffee table.

    6. Some pine furniture.

    7. Loads of Domino's vouchers.

    8. Some frozen leftovers no one will claim ownership of.

    craving ice cream, finding a tub in the freezer and it turns out to be spag bol :(

    9. Some inoffensive art, probably of the city you're renting in.

    10. Some mould.

    11. One light fitting where you've never quite got round to changing the bulb.

    12. A fleece blanket in either grey or brown.

    13. A toastie machine.

    14. A pen from a company none of you have ever worked for.

    15. A hoover that you don't feel like is hoovering as well as it could.

    16. Half a bottle of some very strange liquor that someone bought as a joke when they went on holiday.

    17. A collection of spare McDonald's sauces.

    18. About six tote bags you got free from various things that you always mean to take to the shops but never do.

    19. One umbrella that's too large to be practical so just kind of lives in the hall.

    20. One house plant that's barely clinging on to life.

    21. A Sports Direct mug.