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18 Things You Know If You Burn Super Easily

Living that SPF lifestyle.

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1. You are constantly trying to sell the idea of sitting in the shade to your friends.

"So cool, so dark, so naturally sun-protecting."

"So cool, so dark, so naturally sun-protecting."

2. But you are rarely successful in convincing them.

Staging a shade protest rarely works.

3. You've definitely considered trying to bring back the parasol.

So practical, so granny-chic.

4. Drastic measures have to be taken if you want to hang out with your friends during the summer.

Who needs to see anyway?

5. Your favourite suncream brand is probably made for children.

Extra points if it comes out of the bottle blue.

6. If you miss even the smallest spot it burns.

7. And you always miss at least one spot.

Tops of your ears, knees, and armpits are always easy to miss.

8. Parts of your body that you weren't planning on showing, but decided to pop out, will definitely burn.

Bum cheeks, arse cracks, and the tops of your thighs are all guilty of this crime.

9. And your nose will always burn.

How ever much sun cream, how ever many hats, the sun will find a way to make your nose pink for the whole summer.

10. As soon as you you go outside you are searching for shade.

There is nothing more annoying than the sun moving and your perfectly shady spot becoming sunny.

11. You're also a big fan of not going outside at all during the summer.

You think it might be fun, and then you get burnt, and for the rest of the summer you and the sun are not friends.

12. When you do go outside, you are constantly moving umbrellas to achieve maximum shade coverage.

13. Any outdoor activity involves planning.

Got to have some basic SPF 30 at least, and then some serious SPF 100 for when you inevitably burn, and if you're staying overnight it's probably wise to take some after-sun.

14. Hats are necessary if you want to avoid the dreaded burnt parting.

Which can then turn into the dreaded flakey parting, which is definitely not a good look.

15. Going swimming outdoors involves constantly reapplying suncream.

As soon as you've finished one coat you're too hot again and need to go for another dip.

16. There's been a time in your life where you've convinced yourself that you definitely can tan.


You just have to use a lower SPF right?

17. Only to be proved horribly wrong.

18. But don't worry because you can buy a tan in a bottle.

And that never goes wrong!