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19 Things You Get If You're High Maintenance At Heart But Lazy On The Outside

People who have time to perfect liquid eyeliner every morning are beyond you.

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1. You would love to leave the house looking like this everyday.

Instagram: @keylartistry

2. But you just like sleep too much to get up in time to do liquid eyeliner.

do I sleep for another twenty minutes or do my makeup

3. You'd love to wear an outfit like this everyday.

Instagram: @sewsophistikated

4. But you're addicted to elasticated waists, or even better no waistband at all.

Instagram: @jordanamaeguenette

You'll sometimes forget and wear a tight skirt, but then you remember the pain and live in leggings and loose dresses for weeks.


5. You dream of looking smart in crisp white shirts for work.

Instagram: @timeless

6. But in reality the items of clothing that require ironing tend to just live at the back of your wardrobe.

When your tops creased and you can't be bothered to get the iron out just use the straighteners

You try and make them look acceptable with your hair dryer or straighteners, but your high maintenance standards mean they stay in the back of your wardrobe.

7. You love reading about skincare, and will occaisionally splash out on some fancy stuff.

Instagram: @lush_ausnz

You want to be the kind of person with a three–step routine.

8. But when your stuff runs out you end up stealing your housemate's stuff for weeks.

so I put "do not use, or I will stab you" on my shampoo and conditioner bc someone keeps using it & my housemate just

It's v hard to remember to go to the shops.


9. You think high heels are beautiful and would love to wear them everyday.

Instagram: @shisa888

11. You've tried many times to look like a pretty heeled-princess, but it just doesn't work.


You keep buying them thinking there is the perfect, comfortable heel out there. But there isn't. It's all lies.

12. You want to get good at styling your hair.

Instagram: @jonesandpayne

13. But you constantly rely on dry shampoo.

Instagram: @behindthechair_com

Running out is a day-ruining emergency.

14. After you eventually get round to washing it you somehow end up sitting on your bed in your towel for hours until it dries naturally.

Instagram: @pammdoeshair

16. When you do make an effort everyone always notices.

Instagram: @makeuplolz

17. But you are guilty of being too lazy to take your makeup off properly when you've actually bothered to put it on.

Instagram: @makeuplolz