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    Updated on Nov 11, 2018. Posted on Jun 18, 2016

    22 Things Guaranteed To Happen When You Live With Other People In Your Twenties

    There's a lot more arguing about mould and bills than in any sitcom you've watched.

    1. Someone will come in late, probably drunk, and knock over a full drying rack, waking the whole house up.

    2. There will be a full-on stalemate over some washing up, and the cleanest person will crack first and just do it.

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    Even if they weren't the one arguing over the washing up in the first place.

    3. Someone will jump in the shower just as you had mustered the courage to finally get out of bed and pee, every single morning.


    4. You will collect plastic bags in an effort to be ~green~ and reuse them, and then you will never ever take them to the shops.

    5. Something will break and instead of calling the landlord, or fixing it, you'll just live with it.

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    6. There will never be enough space on the sofa.

    7. Because there will always be someone's partner, or friend from uni, or visiting mum, or large cat taking up space on the sofa.

    8. You will have a DMC (deep meaningful chat) with every one of your housemates at least once.

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    Because they'll just be there in the kitchen when you come home at night having an existential crisis.

    9. One of your housemates will have a repulsive food habit that you will sadly get used to.

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    There have been too many abuses of baked beans in this world.

    10. And one of your housemates will bulk buy a particular item of food and take up all your cupboard space.

    11. All your housemates will have very different ideas about which foods are communal.

    When your housemate catches you stealing their food.

    Condiments are communal, meat is not.

    12. The majority of mail you get, for the entire time you live there, will be for people who don't live there anymore.

    13. You will learn to keep everything you truly love in your room.


    14. Your landlord will hang up some inoffensive art, vaguely relating to the city you live in.

    If you're lucky it will be a framed map; if you're unlucky it will be an inspirational quote.

    15. There will be a war over the thermostat, and someone will always be too cold.

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    16. You will accidentally wear someone else's pants, and only realise halfway through the day.

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    17. You will hear your housemates have sex, and it will be permanently traumatising.


    18. One of your housemates will try out some diet or exercise fad and talk about nothing else.

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    19. But then someone will suggest ordering pizza, and it just seems more economical if the whole house chips in.

    20. Some mould will grow.

    21. Someone will buy a toastie machine or a George Foreman grill.

    22. A Sports Direct mug will find its way into your home, and none of you will have any idea where it came from.

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