21 Things That Will 100% Happen When You Live With Other People

    You will watch three hours of Come Dine With Me together at some point.

    1. You will not throw away plastic bags, because that is bad for the planet – instead you will collect them until they overwhelm you.

    2. You will never put away your drying rack, because it will always have someone's washing on it, and then one day it will give up and break.

    #OneOfThoseDays Sad that my old laundry drying rack has broken. It's the end of an airer.

    Usually because someone fell on it drunk.

    3. You will either steal food, or have food stolen from you.

    4. Someone will have the bright idea to bulk buy something, and no one will have any cupboard space for weeks.

    5. You will have to wait to use your own bathroom.

    6. You will occasionally experiment with your housemate's toiletries if they leave them out.

    7. You'll see each other naked.

    8. You will have a tense discussion about the washing up.

    9. Someone will sneakily change the heating without telling anyone.

    10. You will have a lot of arguments in your head, and then just be passive aggressive in real life.

    11. Stuff will break and instead of calling the landlord you will just learn to live with it.

    12. There will be no room on the sofa as soon as anyone gets a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    13. You will go through cycles of each being the housemate all the other housemates bitch about.

    14. Most of the post you get will be for people who don't live there anymore.

    15. You won't be allowed to put any pictures up, but luckily your landlord will have decorated your whole house with some Ikea art.

    16. You will think you got home really quietly last night, when in fact you will have woken up every single person in the house.

    17. There will be one weird TV show that you always watch together.

    18. You will learn really weird things about your housemates, like all their dirtiest food habits.

    19. And you will have an overly personal deep conversation with every single one of your housemates.

    20. You'll all hear each other having sex and it will affect your friendships.

    21. You'll end up drinking a pint of squash out of a Sports Direct mug.