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21 Things That Will 100% Happen When You Live With Other People

You will watch three hours of Come Dine With Me together at some point.

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1. You will not throw away plastic bags, because that is bad for the planet – instead you will collect them until they overwhelm you.

2. You will never put away your drying rack, because it will always have someone's washing on it, and then one day it will give up and break.

#OneOfThoseDays Sad that my old laundry drying rack has broken. It's the end of an airer.

Usually because someone fell on it drunk.


7. You'll see each other naked.


It will just happen, you've taken all your clothes off in your room, and then you realise your towels in the bathroom. You think it's safe for the naked dash, but alas.


11. Stuff will break and instead of calling the landlord you will just learn to live with it.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Or the landlord will say they'll fix it, but they never actually do.

12. There will be no room on the sofa as soon as anyone gets a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

You either have to awkwardly sit too close to them, or sit on the floor.


21. You'll end up drinking a pint of squash out of a Sports Direct mug.

Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

You probably didn't buy the squash or the shorts that got the free mug, but this will definitely happen.


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