21 Things That Happen When You Share A House

    You're too old to live like this, but also in no way responsible adults.

    1. There will be days where the only evidence that you live with other people is a trail of used mugs about the place.

    I haven't seen either of my roommates in two days I'm beginning to worry I nearly fell in the shower earlier I could have died

    And some spooky doors banging when you're half asleep.

    2. But there will also be weekends where you'll spend the entire time lying on the sofa together watching terrible daytime TV.

    3. Each housemate will take a turn in going out to get food when it's Saturday morning, everyone's hungover, and the only food is half a pack of frozen peas.

    4. Everyone will collect all their plastic bags, but never reuse them until 50% of the kitchen is your plastic bag collection.

    5. Your sitting room will always be full of drying washing.

    6. You will definitely hear each other have sex.

    7. There has probably been a time where you've bumped into a complete stranger in your house.

    8. You will have many passive aggressive discussions about the washing up.

    9. And heated debates over if someone's food was stolen.

    When your housemate catches you stealing their food.

    Can you steal something when you assumed that onions were communal in the first place, huh Dave?

    10. You have probably experienced the awkward towel wait, when someone gets in the shower right before you.

    When you're getting ready to take a shower but someone hops in there before you. So you have to sit there naked.. w… https://t.co/EgEucgDLoS

    Precious time you could have been in bed wasted.

    11. Something will break and you won't call the landlord for at least a week.

    12. One of your housemates will have a repulsive food habit, that will tempt you to move out forever.

    13. You will get so much mail for previous tenants.

    14. Your kitchen will be under equipped, and you'll only have three wine glasses, but for some reason you'll own both a toastie machine and a George Forman grill.

    15. You will try and eat healthy, but then your housemate will suggest pizza and you won't be able to resist.

    16. Your shower will get mouldy, and stay like that for several weeks before someone freaks out enough to clean it.

    17. The only time you'll really do a deep clean are when someone's parents are visiting.

    18. At some point you will bitch about every single one of your housemates.

    19. And there will be times when you'll Google what kind of one bed apartments you could afford.

    20. But you'll also have a surprisingly deep conversation with every one of your housemates.

    When you go into deep conversation with someone who understands

    Probably not even drunk, just in front of a particularly emosh episode of Masterchef.

    21. One day a Sports Direct mug will appear out of nowhere.