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24 Things All-Girl Friend Groups Just Get

Girl power is the world's most dangerous weapon.

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1. It is important to stay in near constant contact.


You bought a new outfit? Should probably update the group. You met a nice dog? Should probably update the group. You snogged someone new? Should DEFINITELY update the group.

2. If you go away you'll get jealous of them all meeting up without you.


You'll be having a really nice time on holiday, but if one of your group posts a cute brunch Instagram of the gang, you're going to get jealous.

3. When you hang out with your group you'll probably have fun whatever you do.


Whether you're going on a massive night out, or doing nothing and being hungover the next day, you'll still end up having a great time.


6. But your favourite bit is probably the getting ready and pre-drinking.

This is the time when you make your plan of action for the night. Who wants to get with who and who wants to avoid who.

And with all your combined wardrobes and make-up skills, you're bound to all look badass.

7. You have a library of embarrassing anecdotes about all the members of your group, to call on at any time.


Because what are friends for if not to remind us of all the cringy things we did as teenagers?


17. Fights within your group are either incredibly silly, or horribly serious.


But you've grown out of them now, and they made you even closer. Apart from the silly fights – you probably still have them, they may end in wrestling.

19. In fact when one of you has any problem your group message thread will be the first place they go for help and support.

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Whether they need a new job, a banging recipe to impress their mum, or just some jokes to make them feel better, they will always turn to the group.


21. You know you can always count on your group to be there for you in an emergency.


Because if they can, they will always come over when you don't want to be alone. And will bring you food and laugh at you when you're too hungover to move.