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    18 Things That Are So Much Better When You're Single

    You can have beautiful, garlicky breath whenever you want.

    1. Eating lots of gross food.

    No one needs to know, no one needs to judge, no one needs to care.

    2. Going out.

    When you're single you can actually flirt with people at bars without feeling guilty about it the next day.

    3. Going out to a shit club.


    It's not like we can just go home and have sex, so we'll bust our moves in a good club and MAKE it a good night.

    4. Going slightly too long without showering.

    When no one gets that close to you, you can pretend to be a clean human with deodorant and dry shampoo.

    5. Being really, stupidly lazy.

    There's no one you need to impress, so by all means make yourself a grabbing stick.

    6. Hanging out with your friends.


    You never need to ask to bring your S.O. along, you never need to ignore your friends while you text your S.O., and you can gossip about being single.

    7. Going travelling.\

    Being single means one less thing to miss about home, and it's easier to meet new people if you go travelling without an S.O.

    8. Checking your bank balance.


    Being single means one less person to buy birthday presents for, and there's no need to splurge on romantic gestures. Which all means more cash to spend on you.

    9. Getting dressed.

    One of the worst things about being in a relationship is having all your outfits reviewed.

    10. Being spontaneous.

    Carousel Productions (II)

    When you're single you can do what you want when you want, without having to worry about anyone else. Whether it's spontaneous Netflix marathon or a trip to Paris.

    11. Changing your life dramatically.

    Walt Disney

    Being single means you can swap careers or countries without thinking about how it would effect your S.O.

    12. Personal grooming.

    Universal Pictures


    13. Family time.

    Universal Pictures

    Having to see two families every holiday is at least twice as bad as only having your own to visit.

    14. Being angry.

    DreamWorks SKG

    Being angry when you're single means eating Nutella with a spoon. Being angry when you're in a relationship means having a stupid argument about nothing.

    15. Going to a party.


    Going to a party when you're single is great, because it's prime time for meeting other singles.

    16. Wearing giant knickers.

    Universal Pictures

    The bigger and uglier the knicker, the more comfy it is.

    17. Farting and burping.

    Python (Monty) Pictures

    There is nothing worse than being the little spoon and desperately trying to hold in a fart.

    18. Sleeping.


    Sleeping alone > sleeping with someone else in the bed.

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