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29 Things Only Girls Over 5-Foot-9 Will Understand

We aren't bending our knees to look sexy — we're doing it so we fit in the photo.

1. You tend to stand out in group pictures with your girlfriends.

2. To avoid standing out you do this weird sexy squat.

3. If you refuse to do the sexy squat you could end up being straight up de-headed.

4. Getting the whole of you in a mirror selfie is damn near impossible.

5. If you really want a mirror selfie you will probably have to do the sexy head tilt.

6. Women's bathrooms in general are just not built for you.

7. You can pretty much forget about being romantically carried by your partner.

8. But you might be able to pick them up instead.

9. You are definitely over 6 foot in all heels.

10. And it can feel kind of awkward being even more of a giant than normal.

11. If you go to a bar wearing heels you have a pretty good view of the whole place.

12. Seeing over everyone's head means it's easier to catch the eye of a fellow giant.

13. You hardly ever have a problem seeing at gigs or the cinema.

14. It can be kind of awkward talking to a guy who you tower over.

15. Especially if you meet sitting down.

16. It's great having super-long legs, but they tend to constantly be in the way.

17. Public transport just isn't built for you.

18. There are some desks that you just can't sit crossed legged at.

19. And sometimes if you try to cross your legs at dinner you'll end up kicking everyone else sitting at the table.

20. Sometimes it's hard to know whether something was meant to be a dress or a top.

21. Pretty much all jeans are ankle-grazers on you.

22. Shops always seem to run out of the largest shoe size first.

23. And it's hard to find a coat that will keep your wrists warm.

24. You often have to choose if you want your towel to cover your tits or your bum.

25. When you hug short people they often end up nestled in your cleavage.

26. Hugging in general is usually more effort than it's worth.

27. With all the extra limb it can be hard not to feel a little goofy at times.

28. You've heard all the comments before.

29. But you'd never want to be an inch shorter.