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22 Things Only Cat Owners Understand About Cats

It's not all cuddles and purring.

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4. And they will usually give you the arse-end.

8. Cats will want to eat whatever you're eating, even if they don't like it.

9. Cats sleep for what seems like 95% of the time.

10. In fact, the only times they seem to be awake is between the hours of 5 and 7am.

11. And they usually like to sleep where you are most likely to trip over them and fall to your death.

12. Cats do not see feet as part of you, but as a separate creature, which needs to DIE.

13. Despite being pretty small, cats can take up well over 50% of a double bed.

14. Or they will insist on sleeping directly on your face.

15. Cats are terrible decision makers and as soon as you close a door, they will think they want to be on the other side of that door.

Until you open that door, and then they're not quite sure where they want to be.

16. A cat's paws are actually the cutest part of a cat.

But also the part that is the most forbidden to touch.


18. Like people, not all cats are photogenic.

They look so cute in your mind and then you take a picture, and suddenly they look like a fat goblin.

19. Cats will do everything possible to inconvenience you.

"Oh, you're having that guy you like over for dinner? Don't mind me while I loudly kick all the litter out the box while you're trying to eat dinner." –Your cat

22. And the most lovable creatures.