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19 Things Girls Who Never Wear Heels Understand

All heels hurt and anyone who says otherwise must be lying.

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1. It's not that you don't like heels.

2. In fact some days you would love to feel like a sparkly princess and prance around in heels.

3. But you just can't.


4. Either you can't walk in heels to save your life.

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5. Or the pain is just too much for you.

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7. You've tried to wear heels plenty of times.

8. You've believed the myths that you just have to practice, and that your feet will get used to the pain.


9. You thought maybe you just had to find the ~right~ heels.


10. "Oh these don't hurt, they're only little wedges."


11. Over time you have accepted that you will have to live your life not wearing heels.

12. And actually flats can be really cute.

13. Trainers are the most comfortable shoes in the world, and also really trendy.

Who needs heels anyway?

14. You know that flats can go with any outfit.

15. It feels great wearing cute shoes, that you can dance all night in pain free.

16. But when all your friends wear heels to a fancy event you suddenly feel much shorter.


But also much more comfortable so whatever.

17. And you hate them when they step on your toes with their pointy feet knives.


18. That doesn't mean you're not seriously in awe of girls who wear heels everyday.

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Seriously what is your secret?

19. But also you know that heels are just not for you.

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