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23 Things Everyone Who's 25 Now Did When They Were 15

Maybe it's best we just forget 2007 ever happened.

1. First of all, you either had an emo phase...

2. ... or a preppy phase that involved a lot of Abercrombie and Hollister.

3. If you were an emo you were all about Claire's clip in pink hair extensions.

Of course you never admitted you were an emo at the time, but looking back it was painfully obvious.

4. You probably had an extensive collection of studded belts.

Twitter: @RallyIcon

Sometimes you'd wear multiple belts layered over each other.

5. And you definitely wrote some meaningful stuff on the soles of your Converse.

6. If you were more preppy in 2007 you probably had a mild addiction to gradual tanning lotion.

7. You tried to make your nails look like this with just Tip-Ex.

8. And you definitely tried out using concealer as lipstick at least once.

9. No matter what side of the divide you were on you spent days of your life straightening your hair.

10. You spent hours customising your MySpace so it truly reflected your personality.

You would get so angry if someone you knew stole your song.

11. You wore your thong so that it always showed above your trousers.

Getty Images

12. This combo was a go-to outfit for you for almost all weathers and occasions.

13. You tried to cram as much information about your love life into your MSN name as possible.

14. You used these hairclips to give yourself a whole new style.

15. And thought Skins was the most outrageous TV program ever.


And wished your life was that exciting.

16. You listened to songs your friends downloaded from Limewire on your iPod nano.

17. You tried to convince your parents to buy you a Blackberry because then you could BBM for free, instead of texting.

Twitter: @_anginlalu_

Really you just wanted to PING everyone you knew.

18. If you wanted to look "indie" you'd wear a t-shirt with this exact font on it.

You'd say it was vintage when really you'd spent all your allowance on it at Urban Outfitters.

19. If you wanted to look sophisticated you'd wear a pashmina.

Flickr: katietegtmeyer

Maybe you "borrowed" it from your mum.

20. You knew that shrugs were the perfect solution to keeping warm in a smart/casual environment.

Gene Blevins / Getty Images

21. All your jeans had to be skinny, super low rise, pre-faded, and preferably slightly too long for you.

All the hottest boys wore their jeans halfway down their bum.

22. You wore ballet pumps, no matter what the weather conditions were.

Twitter: @steph_williams

Luckily it was actually totally acceptable to wear them with socks though.

23. And whatever your style your eyeliner had to go all the way around your eye.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images, Mark Mainz / Getty Images

It made your eye gunk black all the time.

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