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22 Things Everyone Who Went To Girls' Sixth Form Just Gets

The coolest girls hung out in the common room.

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5. One clique would claim the common room as their ground.

Or there would be definite areas and sofas in the common room that belonged to different groups.

6. While another group spent their breaks in the IT room.

And got pretty pro at sneaking food in.

8. Now that you were kings of the school you were like half way to being a teacher.

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This meant some rules were a bit more lax. You definitely skipped the lunch queue and used the staff toilets.


9. Muck up day at the end of all school ever was so much more of a big deal than end of GCSEs.

And the teachers threatened that if you mucked up shit too hard you wouldn't be able to take your A-levels (this never happened).


15. Head girl was the biggest popularity contest.

But it was interesting because you had to be tight with the teachers as well.

16. At least one girl cried about not getting prefect.

21. And although you got kind of jealous of all your friends at their cool mixed colleges...

22. Staying for two more years was one of the best decisions you ever made.