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    22 Things Everyone Who Went To Girls' Sixth Form Just Gets

    The coolest girls hung out in the common room.

    1. Half of your school left to go to a mixed college for sixth form.

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    2. And you definitely thought about it at some point.

    You would see boys everyday! But you'd have to see boys everyday...

    3. But for whatever reason you decided to sign up for two more years.


    4. By this point you know pretty much everything about everyone in your year.

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    And by the end of sixth form you know so much, you don't even care anymore.

    5. One clique would claim the common room as their ground.

    6. While another group spent their breaks in the IT room.

    7. The cafeteria had a strict seating plan.

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    And when some year 7 sat in your seat all hell broke loose.

    8. Now that you were kings of the school you were like half way to being a teacher.

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    This meant some rules were a bit more lax. You definitely skipped the lunch queue and used the staff toilets.

    9. Muck up day at the end of all school ever was so much more of a big deal than end of GCSEs.

    10. By this point you had almost definitely met some real life boys.

    And since you were allowed out for lunch now, you might even meet them in your breaks.

    11. It wasn't like that big a deal if someone got a boyfriend anymore.

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    (OK it was still very newsworthy.)

    12. But if someone got a girlfriend that was still major goss.

    13. Everyone had already been through the bitch wars and learnt their lessons.

    14. But that means when girls fell out in sixth form they fell out HARD.

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    Girls would not talk to each other for entire terms rather that entire weeks.

    15. Head girl was the biggest popularity contest.

    16. At least one girl cried about not getting prefect.

    17. Uniforms were probably very relaxed in sixth form, if there at all, so the new uniform of Uggs and leggings came in to full force.

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    18. The first time someone went out midweek it was so scandalous.


    People with September birthdays or their sisters' IDs were the subject of much jealousy.

    19. The year was divided into those who made an effort for school and those that did not.

    20. Now that you've known some of your year for 7 years or more, privacy boundaries really aren't a thing.


    And when it comes to periods there is zero shame.

    21. And although you got kind of jealous of all your friends at their cool mixed colleges...

    22. Staying for two more years was one of the best decisions you ever made.

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