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21 Things Every British Uni Student Does In Freshers' Week

You will not eat a single vegetable.

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1. Sign up to a society, that you will never go to, but receive emails from for the rest of your life.

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"The new student me could definitely be into jazz dance." – Nope.

2. Leave your freshers' fair with so much useless free shit from random companies, that you won't throw away until you leave uni.

Instagram: @firstwestofengland

That First Trains water bottle will be with you until the end.

3. Pick up more free condoms than you will ever actually get round to using.

Instagram: @ibwc

4. Think that you seriously fancy a fresher rep.

Instagram: @macadam10

But once they take off their T-shirt the illusion of authority will be shattered and they'll just look like another lad.


5. Buy a wristband for about £50 that gets you into three club nights, all of which will have a fancy dress theme.

Instagram: @holly_diana97

6. Make a fancy dress costume out of a bin bag or a cardboard box.

Instagram: @matt_hrc

7. Go to a white T-shirt party and have someone draw a dick on your back.

Or worse.


10. Make a new best friend really, really fast.

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But then accidentally forget their name on the Thursday, realise you don't have that much in common, settle in different cliques in your halls, and it will all be a bit awkward for the next three years when you bump into each other in Tescos.

11. Realise that you might not be automatically best friends with everyone who lives near you.

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Chances are whoever decides who lives with who in halls isn't some magical friendship psychic.


13. Get woken up at 5am by a fire alarm when you're really hungover.

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Either to "teach you a lesson" or because someone tried to microwave something they shouldn't when they were pissed.

14. Go to the supermarket and have over 50% of your trolly be taken up with booze.

15. Miraculously survive on Super Noodles alone.

Instagram: @patchg6

Or just potatoes if you're in catered halls.

16. Or maybe the odd supermarket pizza, either burnt or a bit undercooked.

Instagram: @kohkristy

By the end of uni you will be an expert at cooking supermarket pizza.


17. Get your first drunk meal from your local chippy.

Instagram: @woolydotsofclouds

It will become your second home over the next three years.

18. Play a really cringe game of Never Have I Ever.

Instagram: @catherinelindsley

Someone will lie that they've had sex, and then will tell everyone they're actually a virgin at the freshers' ball two weeks later. And no one will really give a shit.

21. See someone chunder.

Instagram: @jguppy1234

Probably yourself in a club toilet mirror, right before you get thrown out for throwing up in a club toilet sink. Amirite?