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    18 Things Anyone Born After 2017 Will Never Understand

    Our grandkids won't know the pain of having a 16GB iPhone.

    1. People used to have to delete photos in order to download a new app.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    2. And before that you had to choose which four text messages you didn't want to delete.

    3. It used to be totally normal to go to a shop to buy more texts or minutes for your phone.


    4. There used to only be four channels, and then when there was a fifth it was a big deal.

    5. Most people thought that selfie sticks would never catch on.

    6. When Netflix first came out it was the hot date to "Netflix and chill".

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    7. Some people thought it was very fashionable to have purposely ripped jeans.

    8. And some people would paint their faces to make them look like a different shape.

    9. Avocados were really trendy, much more so than any other fruit or vegetable.


    10. There was one summer when all adults were really obsessed with an app that let you catch Pokémon.

    Bae: Come over Me: I can't I'm busy with #PokemonGO Bae: there's a charizard in my backyard Me:

    11. When memes first became a thing, some people pronounced it "me me".

    12. Before Facebook and Instagram, there was this thing called Myspace.

    13. People would draw their eyebrows on to be bigger than they naturally were.

    14. But before that it was fashionable to pluck them into sperm shapes.

    15. Rainbow-coloured food used to be thought of as super delicious-looking.

    16. And all the coolest food came in jars.

    17. Brunch was the hottest social occasion of the week.

    18. If someone sent you a picture of themselves as a dog, you 100% knew they were flirting with you.

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