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18 Things Anyone Born After 2017 Will Never Understand

Our grandkids won't know the pain of having a 16GB iPhone.

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5. Most people thought that selfie sticks would never catch on.

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8. And some people would paint their faces to make them look like a different shape.

10. There was one summer when all adults were really obsessed with an app that let you catch Pokémon.

Bae: Come over Me: I can't I'm busy with #PokemonGO Bae: there's a charizard in my backyard Me:

11. When memes first became a thing, some people pronounced it "me me".


15. Rainbow-coloured food used to be thought of as super delicious-looking.

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16. And all the coolest food came in jars.

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17. Brunch was the hottest social occasion of the week.

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18. If someone sent you a picture of themselves as a dog, you 100% knew they were flirting with you.

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JK this will never change.