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21 Things Everyone Who Loves Make-Up Understands

Liquid eyeliner is your best friend, and your worst enemy.

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1. Make-up gives you an extra dose confidence.

Walt Disney

2. Because it makes you look fierce.

3. And you actually enjoy putting it on.

Especially if it's for a special event and you can go all out.

4. Over the years you've got pretty damn good at it.

Walt Disney

Not like Mulan good, but not half bad.

5. Your phone is full of selfies, mainly because you need to check your eyeliner hasn't smudged and your false eyelashes are even.

But also because you look damn fine.

6. You know it's gonna be a bad day when you can't get your eyeliner even, so you just put more and more on.

7. It's seriously frustrating when your eyeshadow is perfect and then this happens.

8. Or when you just decide to stab your nose with your mascara wand.


9. You seriously wish your make-up would just stay where you put it until the end of the night.

It's a good thing they make clubs dark.

It's a good thing they make clubs dark.

10. You sometimes shock yourself when you get out of the shower.

I'm laughing so much #girlproblems #makeupproblems

Probably best to take off that mascara before you shower.

11. A lot of your towels end up looking like this.

12. And your pillowcases end up looking like this.

my pillow case has been through the wash four times since the day zayn left one direction & the makeup stain remains

It's a tough life.

13. If you haven't tried contouring yet, you've definitely thought about it and watched several tutorials.

14. You know that some glam lipstick can make you look like you've made an effort even if you're just wearing jeans.

15. Storing your collection is a problem.

A glitter eye shadow probably exploded a few years back and it's never been the same since.

16. There's probably a lipstick inside every handbag you own.

Which is seriously annoying when you can't find that one shade.

17. But there is always something on your wish list.

18. And you've stopped laughing at all the stupid colour names.

"Me, myself and eye" 😐

"Me, myself and eye" 😐

19. You love talking about make-up and swapping tips.


And anyone that rolls their eyes at you can GTFO.

20. Except when the other person starts talking about how make-up is bad for your skin and you should probably not wear it everyday.

Walt Disney

21. Other people's opinions on how much make-up you should wear are totally irrelevant.

"Is this your face? I didn't think so."
Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

"Is this your face? I didn't think so."