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The Differences Between Having A Best Friend At 5, 15, And 25

Your mum doesn't organise your playdates anymore.

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1. Making friends:

At 5: If someone likes the same colour as you, then you're probably friends for life.

Life was simple and your parents organised your whole social calendar.

At 15: Making a new friend is a huge deal, you have agree on pretty much everything or there is no way you can be friends.

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It also helps if you get the same bus home after school.

At 25: The hardest part about making a new friend is dragging yourself off the sofa after work to go out for a drink with them.


So making a new friend is nearly impossible unless you work with them or they live within crawling distance of your house.

2. What you do when you hang out:

At 5: You play games and pretend to be princesses or dragons or space invaders.

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And then afterwards an adult will give you some fish fingers.

At 15: You talk about crushes and maybe try smoking for the first time.


You might also drink three cans of cheap cider and then throw up everywhere.

At 25: You drink wine. Whatever you do involves wine.


Maybe beer.

3. Arguments:

At 5: These mainly involve jealousy over toys. Afterwards, everyone cries, an adult intervenes, and everything is forgotten by tomorrow.

At 15: You don't talk for days and it feels like your world has ended.


Many passionate phone calls to other friends are made, you will probably write melodramatic diary entries, and then cry listening to emo music.

At 25: Most arguments are about the last slice of pizza.

Anything big enough to cause an actual argument is probably illegal.

4. Bitching:

At 5: Bitching about someone usually revolves around how smelly they are.


At 15: Bitching is a way of life.

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And no one can keep a secret.

At 25: You still bitch all the time, you're just much better at it.


Until you accidentally send an email bitching about your boss to the entire office...

5. Sleepovers:

At 5: Probably just a cheap way for your parents to get a babysitter.


You'd stay up to something ridiculous like 11:30pm, usually because of indigestion from too much ice cream.

At 15: You’d talk about sex, or what you imagine sex was like.


Your parents were probably away that weekend, so you might drink some of their gin then top it up with water so they won't notice.

At 25: You will only sleep in someone else's bed if you have to, or for an "adult sleepover".

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If you're staying at your best friend's house it's probably because you passed out there.

6. How you communicate:

At 5: You're pretty straight talking with each other face to face, everything else goes through your parents.


At 15: You talked all day at school and then messaged on MSN all evening when you got home.


Until your mum wanted to use the internet.

At 25: You send sporadic texts until the rare moment when your both free to have a proper catch up.


There's always time for an ugly selfie snapchat though.

7. How you know you're best friends:

At 5: They give you half their chocolate bar when your mum makes you a crappy packed lunch.

At 15: They listen to you cry for an hour on the phone about that boy.


And totally gave that boy evils at school the next day.

At 25: They listen to you cry, they give you some damn good advice, and then they make you belly laugh.

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And probably order you a takeaway.

8. How you tell everyone you're best friends:

At 5: You probably pretended to get married.

And you took it pretty seriously.

At 15: You made each other friendship bracelets and swore you'd never take them off.

You definitely took them off.
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You definitely took them off.

At 25: You don't need to shout about it.


As long as they know they’re your BFF, you don’t care about anyone else.