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    Posted on Apr 26, 2016

    Americans Have Been Lying To Us Because Mimosas Are Just Buck's Fizz

    Buck's fizz is a drink you give to children.

    Here in the UK we don't have all the things that you guys over the pond have.

    Alan Crowhurst / Getty Images

    We didn't get Oreos until about 2006, and our cereals still don't have marshmallows in them.

    Mimosas are one of those things. They are glamorous, sophisticated, so NEW YORK!

    David Papazian / Getty Images

    This is apparently what a mimosa looks like.

    In the UK we were led to believe that mimosas were the queen of brunch cocktails, the kind of thing Taylor Swift would be drinking in this picture.

    But this was a LIE.

    You see, a mimosa is actually just a buck's fizz.

    For Americans: A buck's fizz is a mimosa you give to children.

    A buck's fizz is not a very glamorous drink. You can buy it ready-mixed in a bottle from Tesco for £2.

    £2 is still a deal though.

    People like the Real Housewives of everywhere drink mimosas.


    So glam.

    These are the kinds of people who drink buck's fizz: grannies and 12-year-olds.

    Ridofranz / Getty Images
    ThinkStock / iStock

    You might have a glass on Christmas morning, but if you're over the age of 16 you'll probably just stick to the champagne.

    The most glamorous reality stars drink mimosas, but they wouldn't be seen dead with a buck's fizz.


    Even though they are the exact same thing.

    Buck's fizz is nice, but champagne is nicer, so you only have buck's fizz if you are a child or if you can't afford to give champagne to everyone.

    Cathy Yeulet / Getty Images

    Champagne breakfast > buck's fizz breakfast.

    Some people argue there is a difference between a mimosa and a buck's fizz: buck's fizz contains more like two-thirds champagne, while a mimosa is half champagne and half orange juice. / / BuzzFeed

    So your fancy brunch cocktail is less alcoholic than our budget drink for children.

    Glamorous woman and actor Whoopi Goldberg still believes in the American dream, but do you?

    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

    Because you can pretend you're living the high life with your mimosas.

    Purestock / ThinkStock

    But really you're drinking buck's fizz, a drink for babies.

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