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31 Pictures That Sum Up London

Nothing says London like a terrapin floating on a dead fox down Regent's Canal.

1. Someone's mum just hanging out with some punks.

2. A man offering free shrugs.

3. Shadows that resemble genitalia.

4. Evidence of mild rebellion.

5. A house in Soho that is definitely not a brothel.

6. A chicken/phone shop for all you could ever want.

7. This iPad, which is now lost forever.

8. This example of culinary improvisation.

9. "Penny sweets" that have obviously been affected by the unstable financial markets.

10. This cheery Christmas decoration.

11. A gloriously honest postcard.

12. A cyclist full of anger and regret.

13. This major travel disruption.

14. A terrapin floating on a dead fox in a canal.

15. A man busking with a traffic cone.

Via Twitter: @Megan_Copeland

He actually makes a very nice sound.

16. A gentrified Greggs.

17. This beautiful aerial view.

18. A daggering policeman.

19. This proof that London has every fusion you could ever wish for.

20. Two very cultured cars.

21. A woman who brings her own footstool on the tube.

Via Twitter: @CKerricollopi

And wears whatever that is on her head.

22. IRL Harry Potter, just riding the tube.

23. This proof that all Londoners respect the institution of the queue.

24. These excellent security measures.

25. This story about a genius criminal.

26. This proof of how windy the city can get.

Via Twitter: @julesmattsson

Damn wind, stopping you spying on your neighbours.

27. This witty piece of vandalism.

Via Twitter: @usayd

OK, witty is stretching it.

28. Someone who thinks a bra makes an adequate skirt.

29. This. What's really worrying is the lack of bird poo on the actual swipey bit.

Via Twitter: @shitlondon

Lots of people are just walking around with a little bit of bird poop on their Oyster.

30. This adorable scene.

31. A fox sunbathing on a car.

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